5 Things To Keep In Mind When Renting A Corporate Car

Corporate Car Rental

Many companies today are choosing to cut operational costs of running their own fleet and instead relying on corporate car rental services. This is a beneficial way of increasing employee benefits as the need for monitoring and an additional expenditure of maintaining the fleet is minimized.

As corporate car hiring in New York becomes a popular choice for various corporations, the responsibility of ensuring that you hire the best-chauffeured transportation comes along with it. Hiring a corporate car transportation service ensures that your employees are focused on the purpose of the trip, which is picking up an important client or potential business partner, rather than the logistics and the mayhem of being stuck in traffic. However, there are a number of factors to consider when hiring a corporate car.

  • The Paperwork. When you start looking at prospective corporate car rentals in New York, check for the registration of the company. Don’t hesitate to reach out to their representatives and ask for a copy of their licensing and registration. Riverside Car & Limo Service has been in the business for over a decade now and we truly appreciate the customers who are informed and perform their due diligence before hiring us. Additionally, the type of insurance that your car company carries is also something to be looked into. No matter how short your trip might be, it’s important to ensure that the car you will be traveling in insured for any accidents. You can rely on Riverside Car & Limo Service to have a valid proof of our current insurance coverage for the whole fleet.
  • Booking Time. One of the most common misconceptions we come across is the myth that last-minute booking deals are the cheapest. This may hold true when you book a car rental for a road trip to drive yourself. However, when it comes to hiring chauffeured limousine corporate car services, last-minute bookings may not ensure that you get the required vehicle on your predetermined dates. Hence, always keep your options open and book ahead of time to get the best vehicle at your disposal from Riverside Car & Limo Service’s luxury fleet.
  • The Day of the Trip. Corporate clients are not easy to impress. And though you have taken the right first step by booking a corporate car rental with Riverside Car & Limo Service, it’s important that your expectations from the trip are clear with us and your designated chauffeur to avoid any last-minute confusion. These may include the pickup time and location, the number of passengers, etc. Our chauffeurs are highly trained and licensed experts in the field with decades of experience. Regardless we always recommend our clients to have a direct interaction with their chauffeur to get everything out in the open and have a smooth journey.

Lastly, Riverside Car & Limo Services are at your disposal with an extensive fleet of luxury sedans, limos, and supercars. So, reach out to our team to make your next corporate trip a profitable success.