Ways to Plan Extra Special Bachelors Party for Your Best Friend

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So your best friend is finally tying the knot and is all set to wave goodbye to his singlehood.
You knew this day was coming. Your best friend, the guy who has been there with you through every crazy adventure, is engaged.

And though you’d wish he’d stay a lone wolf forever, you are happy he met his soulmate. And the most exciting news is that he asked you to be the best man at his wedding. You must be feeling downright excited. After all, you have gotten the second-to-the-highest honor of standing next to him while he steps into his new life.

Apart from helping the groom with suit rentals, venue selection, decoration, and catering, one of the biggest responsibilities is to organize a crazy and memorable bachelor’s party for the groom and groomsmen. If you are in charge of the bachelor’s party, consider this an honor and make it the most memorable day for the groom to be.

While it indeed is a daunting task to plan this event amid all the wedding arrangements, thinking out-of-the-box can come really handy. Instead of taking everybody to a strip club and getting wasted, you may want to take a field trip to Las Vegas by booking a party bus in New York. To ensure that everyone has a groundbreaking time at the bachelor’s party, follow these tips.

  • Try not to invite too many people

All the bachelor’s parties begin as a gentleman party and are followed by drinks and a toast to the groom’s health. There is nothing better than inviting a few close friends of the groom and making the day memorable. Try not to plan the things by the time the guest list isn’t finalized. You can book a party bus rental in New York that can take the responsibility of picking up and dropping off at the destination.

  • Don’t plan it the night before the wedding

Planning the bachelor party the night before the wedding is one of the biggest mistakes. The groom will have a hangover from last night that can be an issue. It is better to have such events on weekends when everyone is free and can enjoy the party. You can invite the guests personally or can give them invitation cards. Inform the guests three weeks before the event to avoid confusion at the last minute.

  • Do have fun

It is the groom’s night, and you can ask him what he likes to do. The entire event could turn into a game night or a movie marathon. You can visit a Karaoke bar on a party bus in New York. Make sure it is the best time of the groom’s life.

  • Make sure that everyone knows their responsibilities

Make an extra effort to prevent mishaps from taking place. Ensure that people are not drunk, and everything is spitted out before they go back to their homes. You can click pictures and keep them as memories for the groom.

Make the night extra special for the groom to be by meticulously planning everything for him. Let him have the best time of his life with his friends and make sure everyone reaches home safely by booking a party bus rental in NY in advance.